Using online video meeting technology to hold therapy sessions had been growing in popularity for at least 15 years when it suddenly went mainstream in early 2020, as almost all therapists quickly transitioned to telehealth. As a result, telehealth is widely accepted today as an effective way to receive excellent care, and is often preferred over traditional office visits.

Advantages of Telehealth

For many people, the preference for telehealth is very understandable. Finding the right therapist for your needs is easier since you don’t need to limit yourself to therapists with an office near you. You have more flexibility when scheduling appointments since just about any hour that you can reserve on your calendar will work. Keeping appointments is easier and takes less time since you don’t need to drive to an office and sit in a waiting room. Busy schedules, and even extensive business travel are no longer obstacles to getting high quality help. In fact, not only is telehealth the preferred option for many people, for some it’s really the only option. After hearing about these advantages from my patients, I decided - like many therapists - to serve my patients exclusively by telehealth.

Telehealth at My Practice

After fourteen years in practice at 330 E Main Street in Barrington, I closed my physical office and devoted myself to continuing my work with a state-wide reach at my ‘online office’. I redesigned my procedures and adopted new technologies with the goal of providing truly outstanding care through a flexible and adaptable therapy practice available to people throughout the state of Illinois. Telehealth

For telehealth meetings, I selected the telemedicine service. It’s sort of a funny name, but the technology stands out for its excellence in both security and ease-of-use. is a secure, HIPAA-compliant service designed specifically for healthcare providers. If you'd like more information about, here is a link to their information page for patients:

The Easiest Telemedicine Solution |

Your Telehealth is very easy to use. There is no software to download, and no need for you to set up an account. To begin your appointments, you simply go to my telehealth office by clicking the following link:

For your convenience the link to my online office always stays the same, so you can simply save it with the rest of your bookmarks.

Please feel free to call...

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to schedule a free brief initial consultation - either by phone or Doxy. I'll be happy to talk with you and to help in every way possible. My phone number is 847-382-0600. (voice/text)

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