Therapy Office Space in Barrington


Good Space is Hard to Find

Finding good quality therapy office space for a counseling or psychotherapy practice can really be a challenge. At least that was my experience. And in my case, I finally leased three times the space I needed, and then spent a lot of money to soundproof the walls.

Now I Have Too Much

I now use one office full-time for my practice, and sublet the other two. They are fully furnished and decorated - ready to go. I currently have three subtenants who have been with me for quite a while, but I do still have some availability.

Please Consider Joining Me

If you are looking for part-time therapy office space for your practice, please consider joining me and my other subtenants in a really great location. I've included some pictures and additional information below. Please feel free to check it out, and if you have questions or would like to see it in person, just give me a call.

Office 214
Therapy Office Space
Therapy Office Space
Office 216
Therapy Office Space
Therapy Office Space
Waiting Room
Therapy Office Space
Therapy Office Space
330 E Main St, Barrington, IL
330 E Main St, Barrington, IL
  • Two offices available part-time
  • Fully furnished
  • Fully decorated
  • Recently remodeled
  • Soundproofed (very hard to find!)
  • Dedicated waiting area
  • Great amenities
  • Great neighbors (many therapists)
  • Class A office building with elevator
  • Downtown Barrington
  • Walking distance to retail, restaurants, etc.
  • Two minute walk to the Metra station
  • Everything you need - just bring your cellphone and laptop
A Little More

I'm across the street from the Metra station. This would be great for a therapist in the City interested in a part-time suburban location.

Friendly & Flexible Sublease

You'll have flexibility to expand or contract your practice. I ask for an initial commitment of only six months, and after that it's month-to-month with 60-day notice to terminate.


Second floor amenities include WiFi and wired internet, a sunny atrium view, fully furnished client waiting area with water cooler, kitchenette area, and conference room.


Anchor tenants in the building are Barrington Eye Care on the first floor, and Wintrust Mortgage and Cedar Capital on the third.

Please Feel Free to Call

I'll be happy to provide more information or schedule a time for you to see the space.

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