Teletherapy in Response to Coronavirus

Using online video meeting technology to hold therapy meetings had been growing in popularity for at least fifteen years before the novel coronavirus spread around the globe. Then, with the arrival of COVID-19, the practice of teletherapy suddenly became mainstream, first out of necessity, then due to some definite advantages over traditional office visits.

Teletherapy Has Some Nice Advantages

In addition to the health and safety benefits of teletherapy during a global health emergency, other advantages soon became apparent. Eliminating the need to be within a short drive of the therapist’s office expands options when choosing a therapist. And throughout the therapy process, teletherapy saves drive time and improves flexibility in scheduling and keeping appointments. Busy schedules, and even extensive business travel no longer have to be obstacles to getting high quality help. Not only is teletherapy more convenient for just about everyone, for some people it’s really the only option.

So I Upgraded my Practice Model

I redesigned my office procedures and adopted new technologies with the goal of creating a flexible and adaptable therapy practice ready to provide truly outstanding care whether we meet in person at my physical Barrington office, online using my teletherapy platform, or a combination of the two.

The Telemedicine Platform

To support teletherapy meetings, I selected the telemedicine service. It’s sort of a funny name, but the technology stands out for its excellence in both security and ease-of-use. is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform built specifically for healthcare providers.

Doxy is Very Easy to Use

There is no software for you to download, and no need for you to register or set up an account. To begin your appointments you simply come here to this page, and near the top select ‘Start a telemedicine call with Jim’. Or, for your convenience the link to my teletherapy office always stays the same, so you can simply save it with the rest of your bookmarks. Here is the link:

If you'd like more information about, here is a link to their information page for patients:

The Easiest Telemedicine Solution |

Please feel free to call...

Please feel free to call me with any questions, or to schedule a free brief initial consultation - either by phone or Doxy. I'll be happy to talk with you and to help in every way possible. My phone number is 847-382-0600. (voice/text)

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