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James Garrett LCPC

Counselor and Therapist

About Me

You'll notice that my background is a little different from that of most people in my profession. I haven't always been a clinical professional counselor and psychotherapist. In fact, I spent the first twenty years of my professional life in the business world, primarily in business consulting, working with a variety of clients all over the country. During those years I experienced a lot - both professionally and personally - that helped prepare me for what I do now.

In my work life I traveled extensively, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to facilitate almost 200 seminars and workshops dealing primarily with relationship effectiveness and personal growth. Even though the settings were business, the focus was uniquely personal.

​And in my personal life during those twenty years (and more), I was engaged in the roles of husband, father, son, and brother - and facing challenges such as aging and ill parents, caregiver issues, and intra-family conflict.

Along the way, my experiences led me to make a number of important changes, including the decision to devote the second half of my professional life to helping people on a personal level in my local community. Since 1999 I have devoted myself to the study and practice of counseling and psychotherapy.

​And now, with a few bruises and scars, I've been rewarded with arrival at a very satisfying point in my life. I am in private practice near my home, (the easiest commute I've ever had) providing counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals and couples. I have lived in the Barrington area since 1992, and plan to remain here for the balance of my life.

James Garrett, LCPC